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Medicare Insurance

As you get older, you’re entitled to certain benefits, one of them being Medicare. For those not familiar with Medicare, it’s a national health insurance program for seniors who are 65 years and older. This is insurance specifically for seniors and although it seems easy to navigate, can be quite confusing given there are so many parts and programs related to medicare insurance. Our agents can help guide you when choosing a particular Medicare policy. 


Medicare is broken up into four Parts, and we have agents knowledgeable in all of them. Here’s a breakdown of those Parts:

  • Part A will cover hospice, skilled nursing and hospital services. 
  • Part B will cover any outpatient services, including any providers’ services while in the hospital, outpatient hospital charges and any office visits if the providers reside inside a hospital. 
  • Part C is considered a supplemental insurance called Medicare Advantage or Managed Medicare. 
  • Part D will cover any self-administered prescription drugs. 


Because there are so many Parts for Medicare, many tend to get confused about enrollment, making the task tedious. Don’t worry because our agents can help as they walk you through the different Parts, application and more so that you obtain the right Medicare coverage for your senior years.

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